When Grandpa “Accidentally” Blasted Off On Space Mountain

Can you imagine candidates for the Navy Seals or the Army Delta Force in training, feet propped up watching war movies on television, drinking milkshakes and eating potato chips?


 Last summer my grandson, Josiah, and I visited Disneyland near Paris. I’m not much of a ride-rider,  but I decided to force myself to go on the ones I didn’t usually like—especially the roller coasters—so he wouldn’t have to do them alone.

When you’ve got grandchildren you find yourself trying things you didn’t think you’d do again. So, if you’d been a bird posed in a Disneyland tree you would have seen me doing a 360-degree loop on the Indiana Jones roller coaster.

And other than the crick in my neck afterwards, I kind of enjoyed it. That’s how I found myself later in the day, fortified by newfound courage, in front of the Space Mountain ride with Josiah. Continue reading