When I Was Almost Mauled by a Ten-foot Tall Dog


Persecution? Trials? Hey, Buddy, Resist!

One night when I was in college, I was floating down the sidewalk, on the way back to my dormitory after having visited the love of my life. There was still a tiny glow of her presence inspiring me and my thoughts flew away to perfume and flowers and all the things you think about–before you’re married.

Suddenly I heard a sound that didn’t seem to be a love bird. Grrrrr!

Electricity ran up my back as I turned to see a ten-foot tall German Shepherd bounding towards me. His fangs were nine inches long, dripping slobber. (All these dimensions and certain impressions were estimations that I made at that moment and might not be completely correct. There was a German Shepherd anyway).

Coming after me!

I wanted to run but that would have been an enormous error. Fortunately I knew what to do because I had watched several Tarzan movies. Continue reading