Are You Complaining About “Misery Food?” (some rights reserved)

Your attitude towards food can reveal your heart.

When I used to joke about my hapless efforts at the culinary arts, I thought I was kidding. No more. After many years of trying, I’ve come to the conclusion: I’m a lousy cook.

Recently, my wife’s two nieces came for a visit and she went out gallivanting with them, seeing the sights all over, leaving me to fend for myself for my meals. (Do you feel sorry for me yet?)

One evening I finally got sick of kebabs, frites, and whatever and decided to make a real meal. So, I went to the grocery store looking for something prepared that I could warm up (that’s almost real).

My eyes lit on a package labeled “moussaka.” I had eaten this Greek dish when I was in Albania and loved it. Good idea David. Go for it.

At home a problem set in. As I looked at the package to see how long to warm it in the oven, I could only find instructions for the microwave. We don’t have a microwave. “Anyway, it must work about the same if you put it in the oven,” I reasoned.

So, I put little holes in the plastic on top of the container and shoved it into the oven. (That’s what you do for TV dinners isn’t it?)

After a while I went back to see how my work of art was doing. It looked as if the plastic was melting towards the top of the food. Continue reading