If It Howls Instead of Baaa-ing, Look Out!

How to recognize false leaders.

I once talked to a friend who had recently visited a murderer in prison. It’s been a while but if memory serves me correctly the man had killed his wife and cut her into pieces or some “small” crime like that. (Hope you’re not eating as you read this)

The amazing thing is that the man seemed normal as he talked with my pastor friend. Jerry had expected a monster and he found himself talking to someone who seemed like his next-door neighbor.

It’s like that in the spiritual realm, too. We expect false prophets, pastors, and leaders to stand up and say, “Hey, I’m a deceiver. I’m false. Watch out!” Or maybe we’re looking for someone who looks like a vampire or a werewolf. That would be easy. We’d be sure to steer clear of weirdos like that.

But no, false teachers are attractive and so is their message. Not to everyone, that’s for sure. But, they’re not angling for everyone. They want to divide and destroy God’s Church. They are so persuasive because they have convinced themselves they are telling the truth. Continue reading