Poor Old Me!

Poor Old Me !

The weather is cold and nasty,
The rain—just look at it fall!
The sky is gray and leaden.
Sad winter has engulfed us all.

Poor old me!

People are dour and difficult.
Stress—like a giant traffic jam.
Work, work, work, but then after …
Bored—that’s what I am!

Poor old me!

I ought to be rich and famous,
Like I thought I would back then.
But hidden away in the closet,
I don’t have much chance to be seen.

Poor old me!

Eternal joy is my future,
Blessings galore right now.
Good family, home and true friends,
And still I moo like a cow.
(Hey, it rhymes, doesn’t it?)

Poor old me!

Among all men I’m blessed,
There’s nothing that’s missing I need.
Health, joy, and sense of purpose,
A God whose voice I heed.

Poor … hmmm.

Peace in my soul and the wonder,
Of seeing lives battered that change.
The greatest things here and forever,
My Jesus for me has arranged.

Blessed old me!



“Joy is not supplemental. Joy is essential to the journey.” Erwin McManess

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