What’s the Password?

These days I’ve got more passwords than brains.

Everything demands a password and most warn direly, “Choose something that’s not easy to guess. And don’t use the same password for everyone of your online  sites.”

I understand. But …

What do you do when you struggle to remember one of them? Twenty different passwords? Did anyone say “scrambled eggs inside my head?”

Jesus tells us in this passage that it’s not just those who know the password, “Lord, Lord” who get in. It takes more than that.

It’s not just the one who noisily casts out demons or prophesies. Some of those are going to be left out in the cold (or the hot).

No, the ones who please God and enter the Kingdom are those who build on the rock by obeying the words that Jesus gives us here. Jesus says there are going to be “many” who try to strut in on their spiritual gifts and they’re going to receive the message, “username or password unknown.”

They’ll fume in frustration as those who build a solid foundation of obeying Jesus’ words in their everyday life enter into the good things that God has prepared for those who love Him.

Miracles, prophesy and casting out demons are all good. But, that’s not the foundation. Doing the things Jesus teaches here is the foundation.

During the course of a life rain will fall, floods will rise, storms will crash down upon us. When we build our house on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ and his teaching, we will withstand the onslaughts.

When our house is built only on feelings or experience and the storm attacks, there is a crash a ‘comin.’

People were touched and moved by Jesus’ teaching and preaching. He didn’t teach like the mealy-mouthed teachers of the Law. Authority accompanied His words.

image:ijmaki, pixabay.com



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