The Circle of Blessing

I wonder if a lot of natural laws don’t mimic spiritual laws of the universe.

For example rain falls from heaven and waters the earth, giving life. The earth gives it back to the clouds in evaporation and there is a constant circle of blessing, water falling and rising back heavenward only to fall again.

God wants us to live like that. His blessings shower upon us; we receive them and live with arms wide open to allow those blessings to flow from us to others. When we bless others they offer praise to God for blessings to them through us and the praises mount back up to the throne.

And God causes blessings to flow endlessly back on us so that we can bless others so that their praises mount to the throne and come back on us—a continual circle of blessing.

A lot of poor people in the Macedonian region had discovered this in Paul’s time. They didn’t want to hug God’s blessings to themselves so they enthusiastically lived with open arms, giving to others. Sometimes they had very little themselves but generosity still flowed out from them.

The recipients of this bigheartedness were so thankful to God (and so appreciated the love of the Macedonians) that heaven’s throne vibrated with their thanksgiving and the Father rained down other blessings on the Macedonians who continued to give them away.

If we pass God’s blessings on to others, we’re blessed and we bless. If we squeeze his blessings to our chest and live thinking about ourselves 99% of the time, those blessings dehydrate. Blessings given equal a river flowing to others and mounting back to heaven to fall on us again.

Blessings hoarded equals emptiness and want because if the river doesn’t flow, it dries up.

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