Do You Walk With God In Eden?

sceneryThe other day as I sat next to my river (the Marne) I had a thought: God loves to walk in beautiful places with us.

He loved walking with Adam, then Eve in the cool of the evening. He’s still walking with those who love Him. He’s made gardens everywhere–rivers, mountains, valleys, seashores.

When we go there and get quiet inside we hear his slow footsteps around us.

Some things mess it up for us. For Eve it was a quest to know, to be like God. She wanted God to scoot over on the throne to make room for her, so that she could run her life and the world, I suppose.

For Adam I think it was a relationship gone wrong. Eve was no longer the same after she ate the fruit, and to keep her he had to disobey God and become what she had become.

And the evening walks stopped.

Sitting there, a breeze murmuring God’s voice in the leaves of a tree, river’s water flowing His peace into my soul, I realized that God didn’t quit walking with His people. Continue reading

How To Fall Flat On Your Face In Three Easy Steps

Failure and success both comprise three steps, but three steps in opposite directions.

I like to be different sometimes. Actually, I’m different most of the time but I can’t help that. That’s how I was born.

Everyone in the world bombards you with success recipes. “Do this and you’ll be rich!”, “Do that and women will love you!” “Do this and your dog will like you, even lick you occasionally.”  (For this last one, you can tie a beef steak around your neck). Continue reading