Come Out and Go In …Quit Walking In Circles

They say that as people get older they forget things. I wouldn’t know because I’m still so young and dynamic, but can you imagine how it would be if you walked out of the front door of your home and realized that you’d forgotten where you were going?

I can’t remember if I’ve ever done that, but it would be quite a problem if I had.

That happened to God’s people once. God brought them out of Egypt to bring them into the place He had promised them. And they spent forty years wearing ruts in a desert circle. Actually, they never forgot where they were going. The problem was that their head was so full of where they came from, that they often looked looked back instead of forwards.

Which is surprising because where they came from wasn’t pretty. That’s why they were in the desert. They griped so much about slavery that God delivered them. Then they griped about the desert. Then they griped when they realized that their promised home wouldn’t be given them on a silver platter without a fight. Continue reading