Never Spit With a Two-Year Old On Your Shoulders

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I learned a valuable lesson one day: never spit when you’ve got a two-year old on your shoulders.

I don’t want to shock the ladies in my audience but men spit, scratch and burp when their mothers and their wives aren’t around to tell them to stop. It is a guy thing. (Sometimes their younger daughters spit and burp along with them, but, only when mama’s not there.If you want to get into the doghouse, sir, just encourage your little girl to burp when mama is there).

One day I went for a walk, carrying one of my grandkids on my shoulders, I think it was my sweet Briana, when she was about two. Somewhere during the walk I spit. Then I heard a noise above me as the little one tried to work up her saliva to imitate me.

I’m aware that spitting is a habit you have to develop to do it well, and when I heard that noise I had a good idea where the spit would land! “No sweetheart! No … uh. Yuk!” Continue reading