Are You Holding a Million-Dollar Vase (or a Blue-light Special?)

So, guys, imagine that one day you follow your wife into this porcelain store. You’re doing your good husband thing because you were in a marriage seminar in your church last week.

They told you that there is a world outside of football on television.They suggested you share an experience with the love of your life–something that she likes to do.

That’s why you’re here. While she seriously peruses the merchandise you look around, a bit lost. “I saw this one at Walmart for $2.95,” you say to yourself as you pick up a blue vase.

vase“Kind of pretty,” you say to yourself, when suddenly you hear a shrill voice cry out, “Sir, don’t handle the merchandise!”, followed by the voice of your lady who is more succinct, “Put that down! That’s a Chinese Han Dynasty vase from 200 B.C. It costs $200,000!”

You stagger as you hear this and the vase falls from your hands. Hearts leap into throats all around the shop but your old baseball instincts leap into action and you bend swiftly and catch it before it hits the floor.  (Flickr, creative commons, Xuan Che china ceramics – dragon and phoenix pot Palace Museum, Beijing.) Continue reading