A Sixty-year Story of Love

Love deepens with the years and I’ve got a love story that goes back more than 60 years—cookies!

My love simply deepens each passing day.

My wife makes great cookies. Often she will be in the kitchen whipping up some of these culinary wonders for a church fellowship that night. “Don’t you touch them,” she’ll warn me. “I’ve just got enough for tonight.”

It’s bigger than me though, and I’ve got to swipe one or two just to keep my reputation intact. “Did you take any of those cookies?” she will demand suspiciously.

“Who me?” I’ll respond, hoping the cookie crumbs don’t betray me. Honestly, I think she’d be disappointed if I didn’t snitch a couple of them. It’s a compliment to her cooking abilities.

One night I asked her to make some cookies and I’m sorry to tell you I ate 15 oatmeal cookies in about 45 minutes right before bedtime. Sleep fled as my sugar-charged blood raced through my body. My stomach reproached me,”Why did you eat so many?”

Am I the only person who has a talking stomach? Continue reading