My Brush With An Almost Terrorist Attack (Well, kind of)

The other day I was at the Charles De Gaulle International airport, heading for ground transportation to take me back into the city.

I walked quickly because I had a tight schedule to make it back in time for the service that night. Up ahead I saw a crowd and I groaned a bit inwardly. “I hope I don’t have to go through all that to get to the train.”

As I reached the back of the pack, I saw that the police had stopped them and then I heard, “Boom!”  I started looking around for a hiding place because I remembered that when there is a terrorist attack there are sometimes two bombs, one exploding after the other.

It turned out that the police had blown up a bag someone had left lying around. Some fellow’s got some big holes in his underwear and socks now, I imagine.

But, for a moment, after that explosion, I was transported from one world into another. Continue reading