Is God Lost? Should We Look For Him?

Monday morning a wave of agony washed across the United States as Daylight Savings Time officially slapped its 320 million residents. You can subtract the happy residents of Arizona and Hawaii plus various American territories which have had the good sense to leave their clocks alone.

For the rest of us, though, can you imagine the collective pain that wafted into earth’s atmosphere from 300 million tortured people? If you could have put all the groans together that escaped suffering throats when the alarm clock bonged, the sound would have been heard a light year away.

Little Martians would have looked up from the dust of the Red Planet and asked, “Mama, what was that?”

Actually, I had a strange question that floated through the fog that had invaded my head after the annual torture-fest. “How would King David have reacted to an ancient Daylight savings time in the Middle East?” After all, he usually hit the floor early to seek God. Continue reading

Are You a Guided-Missile For God?

Single-minded pursuit works …
Many sights I have seen in my long years of walking the earth. Many sights.
But, few have impressed me more than the sight of someone going after what he wants.
Once I was in a Coffee House outreach in Luxembourg City. One of the regulars was a young man in a wheel chair. He drove to the meeting place and we helped him out of his car and back into his car after the evening had finished.
The young man never said much or showed too much enthusiasm. I suppose degenerative arthritis will do that to you, especially if you’re young. (I think that was what it was).
One night he was ready to go home, so I was pushing his chair out of the coffee house when an attractive young lady came in.
Suddenly, the wheelchair took on a life of its own! It moved without me pushing it and came to a halt, right in front of the young lady. I was reminded of a guided missile zoning-in on an airplane.
Sufficient motivation can infuse muscles with unseen power, it seems.
Many other sights have impressed me. A hunting dog pursuing his prey, for instance. Or little boys running to the kitchen when mama yells, “Cookies are ready!”
Yes, yes, verily, these things have sprung to my attention in my wanderings. And I have concluded that the man or woman, boy or girl—or even a hound dog– who really wants something, goes after it.
Hard! He goes after it hard.

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