How To Be “Right!” Without Destroying Everyone Around You

Sometimes the conviction that you are “right!” makes you look pretty silly.

Once in Luxembourg we went to McDonald’s after the afternoon church service. As we crossed the parking lot, there was a man standing near the entrance with a small child next to him. The man was yelling.

“Don’t go in there. These people lie. They promise you toys, then they say that they don’t have it!” Evidently he was mad because Old Mickey D had promised something for the kids and they said they didn’t have any more in stock. I suppose he was convinced they did. Continue reading

Vote for Me As King of the World!

Compared to God’s righteousness we’re all crooked.

They should name me king of the world. Why? Well, don’t broadcast it widely but (shhh, keep this to yourself)–I know everything. If you don’t believe it, just ask me.

Want to know who is right or who is wrong? Ask me. Want to know how it should be done? Ask me. Want to know the answer to some deep moral dilemma? You’ve come to the right place sweetie. Continue reading