Are You Always Underfoot? (Under Jesus’ Feet?)

Recently during my personal time with the Lord in the morning, I’ve been stuck on Lazarus, Mary and Martha (John 11 & 12). So this Coffee Stain is a bit different.

Jerusalem was on fire, burning with the idea that the Messiah had arrived. They’re looking for Jesus to parade into town during the Passover season, thump the Romans and set up a Davidic kingdom in Jerusalem.

Jesus would have had several million hits on You Tube from the crowd with their fickle praise during this time. The fire didn’t burn very deeply for most of them, though. The “hosannas” quickly turned into “crucify Him!” a few days later.

A few days before the Passover celebration Jesus shows up again at Lazarus’ house. These friends knew the price of identifying with the Lord. Jesus picture would have been in the Post Office: “Wanted Dead Or Alive.” Continue reading