Get Ready for a War In 2017

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If you could see your skin under a microscope you might never sleep again. Just looking at a picture of this stuff makes me itch.

I saw a presentation on You Tube of things you never see in your body, magnified many times. It was beautiful and scary. ( )

There is a lot that goes on in the universe that we can’t see. And some scientists, or is it physicists? Or maybe it was George Lucas. Whatever, they tell us that there may be other dimensions of existence that we can’t see, super-imposed on our own reality.

Sound crazy? Well, to some extent, I believe that. Listen.

“For our fight is not against any physical enemy: it is against organisations and powers that are spiritual. We are up against the unseen power that controls this dark world, and spiritual agents from the very headquarters of evil.” (Ephesians 6:12, J.B. Phillips)

It’s a world superimposed over our world, acting in both worlds. Paul takes about “heavenly” or “spiritual” places and gives us a head-slap to wake us up to our need to fight. Continue reading