Championship wrestling-Christian Style

When I was a kid I used to love to watch “Championship Wrestling.”

Now if you’re over 10 years of age you might have a bit of a problem believing this stuff, but who cares? For those who love it, it’s right up there with comic books as far as action goes.

I loved the tag-team bouts, especially when my favorite bad guy, “The Great Bolo,” was involved. This guy would strut, preen, and hide pieces of metal in his mask in order to waylay the good guy when the ref wasn’t looking.

And those hopeless refs seemed to never look.

One of the good guys would nearly be beaten to a pulp by the bad guy in these matches. The meanie might lift him above his head and smash him to the canvas or throw him against the ring ropes and lay him out with a clothes- line move.

So, one of the good guys usually reached the end of his strength. He’s beaten without pity by the other two and the referee just watches. He’s down and nearly pinned. The referee counts, “One, two …” and somehow our nearly- dead hero manages to raise his shoulder off the ring floor.

He reaches and reaches for the hand of his partner so he can come and save him. He stretches. Will he make it? Won’t he? Continue reading