Four Sure-fire Ways to Fix Those Problems Between Your Ears


Recently I got bored sitting at the back of the room during an exciting meeting. Being the enlightened man that I am, I discreetly fired up my iPod and played around with it. For some reason I opened up my podcast files. I accidently touched the wrong thing and one of my podcasts started playing right in the middle of the meeting!

I frantically tried to shut it off while the speaker tried to pretend he didn’t hear anything and several others suppressed grins. I was hoping they would think it was someone else playing the role of the idiot in this scene but the podcast was in English and the meeting was in French. The only other English-speaker was my wife and she was sitting up front like a good little girl, instead of at the back with her husband (Do you have any idea why she wouldn’t want to sit next to me?).

I had several exciting  seconds before I got it shut down. I kept pushing the wrong thing. At least I was no longer bored.

Boredom, anger, lust, lack of concentration, jealousy, desire, ambition, vision, joy, peace, assurance—all these things go on inside our head. We joke about the vacuum in the space between our ears. But, it’s rarely a vacuum. The truth of the matter is, if you’re good in your head you can sit through meetings that don’t stimulate you and all will still be well in your world. Continue reading