Do You Think God Is Dumber Than You Are?

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If You Don’t Use It You’re Going To Lose It

Imagine that you wake up one morning with this terrible crick in your neck. Just as you get into gear with your complaining, trying to coax a little pity out of your wife, you notice that your pillow is a couple of inches higher than normal.

What is this? You look under it and see that the Tooth Fairy left $6000 for you the night before. Yes!

So, you decide to invest it. You’ve heard about this fellow who is a really good broker, hard-working and wise. He’s a bit expensive but by all accounts his results are always good.

You invest $5000 with him.

Then there is this new fellow. You don’t know a lot about him but investing is gambling, so you place $1000 with him to see what he can do. You do worry a bit, though, when you see that his name is “Lazy Jones.” Continue reading