Do You Struggle To Believe God Has Really Forgiven You?

balance-154516_640If my little brother wasn’t such a nice guy I’d be in big trouble now. As the youngest of the family he fell prey to the tricks of our sister, ummm … and me.

Like the time he slept peacefully on the couch and I stuck ammonia under his nose. Back then I thought it was funny. Now, I think that I must have had a strange sense of humor.

Now, Charley is nice, but it must be admitted that he tried to get me back. I slept with one eye open after that, waiting for justice to even the score. He still owes me after all these years so I hope he’s forgotten it.

Something in us believes the score has to be even, though, the scales have to be balanced (unless they are unbalanced in our direction).

“Justice” demands it, doesn’t it? How many times as a kid have you promised, “I’m going to get even with you.”

Maybe that’s why we have a hard time believing that God has really forgiven us, even when we’ve asked Him to, and He promised to do it. Continue reading