Try Time Travel For a Powerful Life

God has given humans the ability to travel into the past or a possible future. Our mind flies forward to see things that are going to happen; that friend we are going to see gives us joy even before he arrives. That rendezvous with the grouch- of-the-week makes us tremble, even before it happens.

A real key in a powerful life is to see what God wants to do before we get there. We don’t always know the specifics but we always know God has this future in his hands. Try to see it the way He wants it to be.

If you want to rip all the joy out of life today, imagine all the bad things that can happen in the future. Corrie Ten Boom once said, ““Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”

At times the future scares me, because I feel inadequate for what I imagine might happen. I also get excited about the future when I see a ton of good things that might await me. What’s the difference?

Most people say that imaginary things aren’t real, but I’m not one of them. It’s crazy the effect they have on our lives. When I see a bear hiding in the darkness near the road I’m traveling on, I’m scared to death whether there is a bear there are not. I tremble, my heart beats faster, my peace is gone.

The bear may be imaginary, but he’s changed my life.

Time Travelers Sink Millions

Twelve spies traipsed off into the Promised Land. Millions of people had been exploring this Promised Land in their imagination, but they hadn’t been imagining a lot of problems. It’s not wrong to think of future problems. It’s just wrong to think about them and not count on God’s help.

Now the time had come to take hold of their promise. The spies walked through the land, their heads swiveled right and left. “Wow, look at that city! Look at how fertile this land is. But look at how strong those people are. They’re big. They are mean. I feel like a grasshopper standing alongside them.”

And they begin to travel to the future and see themselves stomped into the ground in any battle they might have with these people. Ten of them painted such a negative picture of the future that millions of people began to howl in defeat.

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The Faith of a Cornbread Maker

Personally I think Martha gets a bad rap from a lot of preachers. While Mary was soaking in God’s Word at Jesus’ feet, sister Martha was flying around the kitchen making the first century equivalent of cornbread.

She got a bit hot under the collar when her sister wouldn’t help her.

Later, though, when Bro. Lazarus died, it was Martha who stepped up and hit the ball out of the park. In my opinion Mary fouled out to first base.

You may know the story. Lazarus was dying and the two sisters sent a message to Jesus to come heal him. Jesus deliberately waited and Lazarus was already stinking in the graveyard before the Lord showed up.

So Martha comes to him and stings him with her first words, “Master if you had been there my brother wouldn’t have died…” (John 11:21, The Message) No doubt true.

How many times during the course of a life do we accuse God because of things which happen to us?

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