Yes Mr. Trump. There Are Evangelicals In Cuba


Donald Trump needs to update his data if he’s going to understand the world of 2016. At least as far as the Christian world goes.

Before the Iowa caucuses he asserted that there aren’t many evangelical Christians from Cuba. At one time that may have been true.

Now, one of the most powerful revivals in the world is shaking the island.

The economic crisis of the 1990’s after the fall of the Iron Curtain helped kick off the move of God. Evangelicals have exploded in number from around 70,000 to, according to some estimates, nearly a million in 2016.

That’s tending towards ten percent of the population of the country.

One denomination’s experience can shed light on what’s happening. US Assemblies of God Superintendent, George Wood, reports what Cuban leaders told him on a recent trip.

In the late 1980’s God began to demonstrate his power in an unusual way in Cuba by signs and wonders. Wood says he personally met a pastor’s wife who was raised from the dead. Continue reading