Stop Communicating Like a Two-Year Old!

baby-476888_640When it comes to riding trains, I’m still a little boy. I love the high-speed trains that speed through the French countryside.

The other day we were going somewhere on the Eurostar and our seat was right behind two ladies and a baby. A loud baby. A persistant baby who wasn’t a contented camper.

Have you ever noticed that when a little one is not happy he has ways of letting you know? He screams, turns red, throws a fit and keeps it up until everyone else around him is wondering why that woman was allowed to give birth (except we’re patient because we’ve all been there. It’s happened to us, too).

Now unhappy adults communicate their emotions more subtly. They scream, turn red, and throw a fit. Some of them anyway.

We’ve got our grown-up ways of throwing tantrums that are even more uncomfortable for others, don’t we? For instance:

Big chill in the room–

Him: “What’s wrong?”

Her: “Nothing!”

Him: “Did I do something?”

Her: “Nothing is wrong!”

Him: “Are you sure?”


She leaves the room, slamming the door. Continue reading

Your Wife Expects You To Guess What She Thinks?

Lately, my wife and I have done quite a few couples seminars in churches. One of the questions I like to pose to participants is: “What does a wife have the right to expect from her husband? What does a husband have the right to expect from his wife?”

We also had two pastor’s wives share with our men’s group back in my home church in the Paris area on the subject: “What Do Women Want From Their Husbands?”

I was a bit surprised to hear one thing come from the mouth of two wives in places as far apart as Paris and Luxembourg. “Women expect a husband to be able to guess what she’s thinking.” Continue reading