Do You Have To Go To Church To Make It To Heaven?

churchOne day back in College, I was in a physical education class in the gym, listening to the prof lecturing us about something incredibly interesting.

I forget what it was.

For some reason there was an attractive young lady standing in the doorway of the gym, watching our class. Our teacher was also the football coach and his nickname was “Rip.”

He noticed that many of my classmates weren’t listening to him and they seemed distracted.

He turned to see what they were looking at.

It didn’t take him long to size up the problem. He let us know forcefully, as only a teacher name “Rip” could, that he might not be as attractive as certain other people in the area but if we didn’t look at him and listen we were going to be running laps around the gym.

He was right you know. You generally pay more attention to what you’re looking at. (I’ve seen  several exceptions looking at me while I preach). Continue reading