How To Stop Dropping the Ball



Some friends invited me to accompany them to the “Red River Shootout”—the Texas-Oklahoma college football game (thanks Kevin, Nathan and Jonathan).

Now my football allegiance goes to another team in red (which doesn’t win as often as Oklahoma) but Texas-Oklahoma is a classic. And it was a great chance to spend time with friends I don’t see often.

We were seated with Oklahoma’s fans on their end of the field. I discovered that they aren’t particularly fond of Texas, and I was glad my friends in their orange shirts and caps were big enough to defend us all.

Actually, the fans in front of us were super nice and we chatted during the game. The ladies behind us, though, had evidently been raised by wolves or drunken sailors. That’s another Coffee Stain for some other day.

I was amazed to watch Oklahoma’s team in warm-ups. When the quarterbacks threw to their receivers I didn’t see one dropped ball. I wasn’t always paying attention, of course, but the quarterbacks were sharp and the receivers outstanding.

When the game started, though, it wasn’t always like that. On one play, I think the Texas defensive back was off somewhere eating a hamburger because the Oklahoma receiver was all by himself. He might have caught cold, he was so open. Continue reading

Boring God Or the God of “Wow!”?


International Fireworks Competition, Putrajaya   Amani Hasan

I hear people say, “God’s not like this. He’s like that.” And then I hear others who say the opposite. And I say, “You’re both right.” Some people came to Jesus to be healed, others to hear the Word. He refused to disappoint either group.

God is so vast that you can’t squeeze Him into your tiny conception of Him. However big you see Him, He’s even bigger than that.

My favorite revelation of the Lord is “My-Best-Friend-I-Can-Tell-Him-Anything-God.” Something deep inside me desperately needs his presence and His friendship. But, He’s a million times more than just my “best buddy.”

Last week I was preparing share a message about heaven. As I read what John related of his experience in Revelation, I thought to myself: “You know, everyone is afraid when you talk about hell. Woah! I’m a bit awed when I look into heaven.” Continue reading

Nine Ways To Get Off the Couch and Win a ‘Gold Medal’

gold medalPeople who sit on couches and rule the world were offended by sixteen-year old Gabby Douglas, who won two Olympic gold medals in gymnastics. Their problem? Her hair wasn’t styled correctly.

Come again?

That’s why Gabby is an Olympic champion and these people are couch potatoes. She did the work, and made the sacrifices necessary to be the best in the world in what she does.

Here’s what the mature youngster says, “And hard days are the best because that’s where champions are made, so if you push through the hard days you can get through anything.”

You know, I’d like to be a champion for God, wouldn’t you? Here’s some things that will help you win a ‘gold medal’ from the Lord. Continue reading

How To Fall Flat On Your Face In Three Easy Steps

Failure and success both comprise three steps, but three steps in opposite directions.

I like to be different sometimes. Actually, I’m different most of the time but I can’t help that. That’s how I was born.

Everyone in the world bombards you with success recipes. “Do this and you’ll be rich!”, “Do that and women will love you!” “Do this and your dog will like you, even lick you occasionally.”  (For this last one, you can tie a beef steak around your neck). Continue reading