Would You Really Change What Happened?

What Would You Change If You Could?

Some things you can’t change. They are done.  But you can let God redeem them.

Have you ever thought back over your life and wondered what you would photochange if you could? There are a few things I would change—nothing in the grand scheme of things—but a few things.

Some of the situations I used to think I would adjust, because I wanted to change them so bad, well, I’m not sure that I would change them now. They helped make me, me. And if I hadn’t had those things I would probably have been someone else.

Does that make sense?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those people who gushes, “Lord, bring on the trials. I know I’ve got to grow so lay them on.” To me that’s like a five-year old marching up to his dad and saying, “Dad, I know you spank me for my own good and I really want to improve as a person so her you go.”

Upon which, he turns around and bends over so that his dad can punish him.

I get enough trials without asking for them, thank you. Continue reading