A Sixty-year Story of Love

Love deepens with the years and I’ve got a love story that goes back more than 60 years—cookies!

My love simply deepens each passing day.

My wife makes great cookies. Often she will be in the kitchen whipping up some of these culinary wonders for a church fellowship that night. “Don’t you touch them,” she’ll warn me. “I’ve just got enough for tonight.”

It’s bigger than me though, and I’ve got to swipe one or two just to keep my reputation intact. “Did you take any of those cookies?” she will demand suspiciously.

“Who me?” I’ll respond, hoping the cookie crumbs don’t betray me. Honestly, I think she’d be disappointed if I didn’t snitch a couple of them. It’s a compliment to her cooking abilities.

One night I asked her to make some cookies and I’m sorry to tell you I ate 15 oatmeal cookies in about 45 minutes right before bedtime. Sleep fled as my sugar-charged blood raced through my body. My stomach reproached me,”Why did you eat so many?”

Am I the only person who has a talking stomach?

Well folks, it was like this. I ate two or three. But, the others wouldn’t leave me alone. “Eat us too!” they pleaded with their little persuasive cookie eyes melting my hard heart. What could I do? Fifteen! They were good, though.

All this leads me to a great spiritual truth.

How To Eat and Be Hungry

No, I’m not kidding. You know how the Bible tells us to hunger and thirst after the Lord? I once asked some Christians, “How do you get hungry, when you’re not hungry?” because that’s often our spiritual state.

And a brother replied, “You eat!”

And he was right. In the natural world when you eat, you’re no longer hungry. In God’s Kingdom though, the more of the Lord you consume, the more you want! Eating makes you hungry.

Kind of like me eating cookies.

I challenge you; get hungry for God so you can grow in Him this year. If you’re not hungry, start eating real spiritual food. Change up your devotional time if it has become monotone. Spend a bit of time fasting. It’s funny, but doing without physical food sometimes makes you spiritually aware, too.

And the good thing about the spiritual “cookies” you chomp down is that they don’t keep you awake or make you fat(ter).

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” (Matt. 5:6, NKJV)  Jesus quenches that thirst and hunger, but you just want more and more of Him.

“And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.” (John 6:35, NKJV)

Why don’t you take an hour this week and get alone with God. Take a notepad and pen (or an iPad). Take stock of where you are in your life with God. Write down your goals for growth in Him. Get some direction for the coming year.

I wish you a super-blessed 2015!

Hmmm …
Adam was unfaithful to his commitment to God because he loved what God gave him more than he loved God. We say that Adam should have taken authority and stopped Eve but God hadn’t yet given man authority in his family. Eve chose disobedience–Adam chose Eve over God, I suppose because he was afraid to lose her if he didn’t follow her disobedience.


An old fellow lay dying. Just when he was about to give up the ghost is smelled chocolate-chip cookies baking. He loved those cookies more than anything else.

He gathered up his last bit of strength and with an incredible effort, il got out of bed and went down the stairs to the cuisine. His wife was making cookies. He reached out his hand to take one when his wife slapped it.

“Don’t eat those,” he said. “They are for the visitors who come by after the funeral.”

(Source inconnue mais il est apparu sur le site web de Prairie Home Companion de la part de Tamara Norden)

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