Put On Your Dancing Shoes!


The other day I was on the high-speed train heading for services in the south of France. I say “high speed” but we were two hours behind schedule because of an accident somewhere along the line. I fretted, hoping I would be on time for the service that evening.

Landscape that should have whizzed by the window, poked by.

Then my cell phone rang. It was my wife. She had just heard some very good news from friends. The doctor had been convinced that Scott had cancer. We’d all prayed and sought the Lord for him for nearly a month. That day he’d had a biopsy and the results came back negative—no cancer!

I don’t know if it’s permitted to shout and dance on the TGV or not but I was ready to try. After hanging up, I had to tell someone. You’ve got to understand, on the train here people don’t generally talk much to strangers but I spoke to the fellow across from me.

“Just got some news from my wife. One of my friends, who we thought had cancer, doesn’t have it!”

“That’s nice,” he replied.

He wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic as me, but when you’ve got good news you’ve got to share it don’t you? It doubles the pleasure to tell someone else.

Can I tell you some good news?

Well, it’s like this; I was lost in my sins. I was headed for an eternity separated from God. Then I found out that Jesus had died in my place to pay the price for my sins. So I went to Him and asked forgiveness. You know what He did? He forgave me for everything I’d done against God. He came into my life and made my spirit alive to God.

I became a child of the Living God! Whoa! (Stop! Dance, dance, dance!)

Okay, here we go again. He saved me and gave me eternal life. What’s more He’s with me every second of every day. He stands at the right hand of His Father, the Eternal God, and He speaks for me—for me, did you hear that!

He changed everything and I don’t regret an instant of living with Him.

Whew! It felt good to tell you that. Wait, wait, I feel it coming (dance, dance, dance!). Wow! That’s better.

If you don’t know Jesus why don’t you come to Him, too? He’ll pardon you and make you a child of the Living God. He’ll give you eternal life and He’ll be with you ever minute of your life. Just pray from your heart and trust that’s He’s telling you the truth. He’ll do it.

And if you know Him? Well, go tell someone! (dance, dance, dance!)


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