Pushing Through To Wonder

Pushing Through To Wonder



Old King David knew how to get the day started. Before the birds warbled he was already up tuning his 968 Fender Stratocaster guitar, getting ready to belt out a Chris Tomlin worship song that would reverberate through the palace.

Back in those days you could have a lot of wives and I bet every one of David’s were mad when he woke them up with his booming praise and worship at daybreak. That’s my version. Here’s how the Bible says it, ““My heart, O God, is steadfast, my heart is steadfast;  I will sing and make music. Awake, my soul!  Awake, harp and lyre!  I will awaken the dawn.  (Ps. 57 :7, 8, NIV)

And Eugene Peterson’s version : I’m ready, God, so ready, ready from head to toe, Ready to sing, ready to raise a tune:  “Wake up, soul! Wake up, harp! Wake up, lute! Wake up, you sleepyhead sun!” (The Message).

You see, David knew a secret. Often it seems like there’s a curtain between us and God. YOU have to push it back.

The other day I stumbled out of bed. All the shutters of the house were closed and it was dark and I was kind of “uhhhhh!” inside (no caffeine yet). Then, I opened the shutters and suddenly there was sunshine and birds singing (well, really it was car after car passing in front of my house but birds were probably singing somewhere). My outlook changed.

So often we never get to that moment of wonder in our life because we don’t open the shutters of our heart. We live with drudgery, when wonder is just the other side of the curtain.

Here’s how it works. One fellow looks out his window towards the west and only sees the sun going down. Another sees a sunset. I think there’s a difference.

One man takes a walk, all the while telling his boss off in his mind. Trees pass as he criticizes his wife in his thoughts because she doesn’t live up to his standards. She’s not as good as that woman he wished he had married. He doesn’t really enjoy walking.

Another man follows him ten minutes later. A gentle evening breeze caresses this fellow’s face. He listens to a Spring concert as two crickets sing a duet, a lark croons the second voice, and finally a whip-or-will chants a haunting requiem for the dying day. This man loves to walk.

Friend number two knows something. Wonder! Do you see it? To get there you must push through.

One man awakes and says a perfunctory “thanks” for protection during the night. Another greets the Lord with thanksgiving and joy, even before he gets out of bed. And when we see Him in our heart, wonder breaks out.

Wonder is healthy. Wonder heals. Wonder gives meaning to life. Wonder makes life exciting. But, you’ve got to push past “normal.” Anyone can live in normal. Push past and see Him. Then wonder breaks out.

But, How?

How do you do it ? With the help of the Spirit. People who heard the newly Spirit-baptized disciples speaking on the Day of Pentecost proclaimed that there was sense in the strange words they spoke. “We hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues!” (Acts 2:11, NIV).

There’s wonder there and the Spirit helps us see it!

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would take what’s His and show it to us. And when we see the wonders that Jesus has (and shares with us) our reaction is “Wow!” Maybe, if wonder has been missing from your life lately, you haven’t been pushing in when you pray or you haven’t looked at what the Lord has for you. Check out His Word, especially the New Testament.

Wonder often explodes when I see God’s reflection in what He’s made—the Alps mountains, the Grand Canyon, the music of water rushing over the rocks of  a small stream, the light on a child’s face when he’s happy. Wonder attack!

Don’t just sit there! Open the curtains on God’s goodness. Look, silly! (Don’t look silly but look, silly). Move out of that valley of lethargy and begin to live like someone who is wonderstruck. It’s there for those who look!

Hmmm …
Gratitude is a gift — one we all have, but don’t have to use. It’s a choice.  Jeff Goins

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