Lessons Learned From Places I Didn’t Want To Be

14944424600_98d90c88db_kAfter years of diligent research, I’ve finally discovered the two hardest things in the world. Are you ready for it?

1. Getting out of a warm bed when it’s cold outside.

2. Getting out of a warm tub of water after a long tiring day. (“Just let me sleep here.”)

 I’d like to continue my research but I think I will need a government grant to finance my activities. Think there is any hope of that?

You know, some places you just want to be, and when you get there you want to stay there. The problem with those places is inertia. I’m usually going nowhere when I’m where I want to be. (That’s profound isn’t it? )

I absorb some of life’s most powerful lessons, though, from places I don’t want to be.

I learn a lot about myself there. Can I be transparent with you? My reactions don’t always remind me of the Lord Jesus’ way of doing things. I think an adult learns to react correctly, even when he’s not happy, but still …  it burns. The battle rages inside if not outside. 

You never knew that jealousy was a problem until you plopped into that situation you didn’t want to be in.

You thought you were going to win a ribbon as the world’s most loving, patient person until you started to work with him. HIM! Him of whom the mere, thought, causes you to twitch.

I don’t believe we should blame God for what the devil does. And often these situations weren’t what God wanted for us, but here we are. The devil attacks everyone.

But, we shouldn’t blame the devil either when the problem is something in us. “The devil tempted me,” you whimper. Yeah, but you gave him something to tempt.

Tough places melt us and we’re often amazed at the impurities that float to the top. But, at least now we see them and we can do something to change.

So, if you’re in a place you don’t really want to be what do you do?

1-Pray desperately to get out. “This poor man cried and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his trouble.” (Ps. 34:6, KJV)

2-While you’re praying, look around and ask yourself, “Has my stupidity, greed, hard-headedness, ___ (add whatever has floated to the surface of your life), gotten me here? “Lord, change me because I don’t want to come back.” A young father lost his family because of repeated adultery. He needs a change of heart or he will simply repeat the same errors.

3-While, you are there, for whatever reason, what are you learning? “I’m never going to do that again! I’m going to know the people who make promises to me. I’m not going against warning lights in my heart and grave reservations expressed by those I trust the most.”

As long as you’re there you might as well learn something, huh?

4-Look for principles of faith and character in God’s Word which will help you win. Has God made any promises in the Bible to people in situations like yours? Find them. Read them. Think about them over and over. Grab hold of them and remind the Lord what He said—over and over.

5-Use the truth expressed in God’s Word as a weapon against the enemy. Let the power of God’s Spirit change you into another person, one who reacts like the Lord wants you to react in that situation.

Don’t think, “Well, I’m just here because of God’s will. He’ll get me out when He’s ready.” He may be ready, but if the thing that got you in this mess in the first place is still a part of who you are, you’ll end up there again.

6-Get the inside of your house in order. As I said, an adult personality (contrasted to a grown-up who acts like a two-year old) can usually hold it together, smile and act the way he’s supposed to. 

But, unless something changes he can’t do that indefinitely.

Sooner or later those bombs going off inside him blow a hole from the inside out. You hear those explosions through health breakdowns, relationship breakdowns, and a general wasting of any chance at joy in life.

7-Ask God to help you be the master of what you think about. If you’re putting junk into you mind and heart don’t be surprised if you have a junky life.

But, if you consciously—did you get that? consciously—input  God’s Word, positive thoughts, and an attitude that looks for the good, even in unpleasant places into your life, you’ll begin to live the difference between a rotten life and an abundant life.

When you’re in unpleasant places, don’t just escape in dreams of Hawaiian vacations. Make the most of where you are.


Hmmm … 

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A guy shows up late for work. The boss yells, ‘You should’ve been here at 8.30!’ He replies. ‘Why? What happened at 8.30?’ (Metro.co.uk)

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