Who’ll Take the Girl With the Skinny Legs?

Way back in the beginning of time, when I was in still in high school I heard a song by Joe Tex. He asks a penetrating question: “Who’ll take the girl with the skinny legs?”

It’s hard to remember but it seems that at the time (1967), having skinny legs was not stylish.

Flash forward forty years and all the girls want to squeeze into their skinny jeans. Which leads me to some deep philosophical reflections. Most of those poor skinny-legged girls from 1967 no longer have skinny legs.

They have grandmotherly legs.

Tragic isn’t it? When unskinny was the style they were skinny. And when skinny is the style, they’re not anymore.

And a lot of beautiful girls in 2016 try to shoehorn themselves into skinny jeans because someone said that was attractive. Beautiful these girls are; skinny they are not. They should have been born in 1967.  Continue reading

Are You Really As Worthless As You Tell Yourself You Are?

Tell me, do you like a dog that won’t leave you alone? He pokes you, prods you, jumps on you, and makes you stumble when you try to walk. “Pay attention!”  He seems to be crying. “I’m here.”

(An unspiritual person might give him a little kick with the command, “Get out of here.” I’m not saying that’s what I would do. I’m just telling you what unspiritual people might do). Continue reading