Seven Keys To Help You Do a Little Bit Better In 2017 Than You Did In 2016

 How did you like my headline? It more truthful than most, huh?

I get a bit cynical at this time of the year as I read eye-catching article headlines like, “Five Sure-fire Ways To Grow Hair,” “33 Proven Tricks To Shed 350 Pounds Quickly,” or “Here’s Three Secrets To Go From Really Ugly to Really Beautiful In the Blink Of An Eye.”

Or some such drivel.

I could headline this article, « Seven Keys to Total Victory This Year. » Or how about, « Here’s Seven Steps To the Life You Want In 2017. » I’m sure I’ve probably used something similar because that’s part of the formula. Promise the world.

Come on now. Raise your hand if you believe you’re going to get there this year.

Hang onto your seat for the revelation of your life. Here’s one revelation that will shake you to the core. You’ll never be the same if you understand this. Actually, this may be true if you can grasp what comes next:

Arriving isn’t always the best part of the trip. Sometimes the process of getting there is more fun—AND MORE IMPORTANT– than actually arriving at the destination.

It’s crazy but a lot of people are empty and unfullfilled when they reach their goal. They don’t know it, but they love the process. And that’s not bad.

So these seven things probably won’t make you perfect by the end of the year. The Lord isn’t making perfect men anymore. My wife got the last one. Hmmm … maybe not.

But, if at the end of the year you’re further up the road and more like the Lord Jesus, closer to your goals, then you’re successful.

The next few weeks we’re going to talk about some things that will get you nearer to your objective.

1–Watch/develop/decide … your attitude

What is your attitude? “Poor me. No one values my contribution. Others are privileged, but not me. The world is going to pot. I’m angry. It the fault of …” Continue reading