Three Ways To Deal With a Balky Cow

624226688_f2ba793a11_zCows and humans have a lot in common.

Some cows remind you a lot of humans. I’m not talking about body style so don’t get huffy.

My brother has a small herd of cows that he loves taking care of. Once though, he had this cow who nursed a fixation for the gorgeous grass in the neighbors field. 

It all looked the same to me but I suppose cattle see things that humans don’t.

Time after time she broke through my brother’s fence so she could graze in the next pasture over. Even worse she had definite leadership qualities and others followed her. Continue reading

Goofy Side Effects

The other day I was watching a television commercial for medicine that dealt with skeletal pain. At the end, a soothing voice counseled, “Tell your doctor if you have suicidal thoughts.”

“Suicidal thoughts!” You mean that a possible side effect of healing my painful skeleton is that I might want to blow my brains out? Hmmm… I may think awhile before taking that stuff. A skeleton isn’t worth much without a brain. Continue reading