Little Old Lady With An AK-47

People who have the right of way must help those who don’t.

Have you ever noticed that some people undergo personality changes when they get behind the wheel of a car?

Imagine a sweet little old lady who receives a two-hour pass from the nursing home. She sweetly hobbles on her cane to her 1988 Plymouth, which waits patiently for her in the parking lot. She gets in and starts the motor.

“Va-roooom, varoom!” She revs the motor and squeals out of there.

Let’s follow her in our drone.

Look, there she is shaking her fist at someone in another car. What’s that on the seat beside her? An AK-47! And what’s that she yelling at the man in the other car? Ooh! I didn’t know little old ladies knew words like that.

Anytime she even thinks someone infringes on her rights she goes ballistic.

Finally after two eventful hours of close calls, screams, yells and wild gesticulations she pulls back into the parking lot of the old folk’s home, gets out and gently shuffles back inside. She leaves her AK-47 on the seat. Fortunately it was unused, though a couple of times I was worried.

A Little Help From My Friends

I’ve spent a lot of time in my car during my life and I’ve discovered that if everyone treated driving as if it were a contact sport, there would be more misery in the world. The ones who make traffic flow are the polite ones, who actually cede the right of way occasionally. Continue reading

What Good Is the Church Anyway?

What Good Is the Church Anyway?

Loving service makes us credible in the eyes of the world.

Katie, center, and her family

For some reason one of the stories which has impacted me the most recently has been that of Katie Davis.

Sometimes people wonder what good the Church and Christians serve. A large part of the world can’t imagine life continuing beyond this life, so what good is the Church? A social club? A crutch for the weak? All that is okay. For many people, one religion is as good as another. Just as long as you believe something.

I won’t even comment on that beyond noting that if you said, “One answer is as good as another, just as long as you work at it,” to your math teacher, you probably wouldn’t impress him with your intelligence. And you probably wouldn’t rejoice at your grade at the end of the year.

But, I think one thing impresses everyone—loving service that has no other agenda but to please God and help others. Here’s a case in point. Continue reading