A Squirrel Teaches Righteousness

It seems that one Sunday morning the pastor had all the kids come to the front of the church so he could tell them a story.

After the little darlings were all seated around him he says, “Now kids, before we get into our story I want you to guess what I’m talking about. This creature is small, brown and furry. What do you think it is?”

All the kids stare at him.

“This small, brown, furry creature eats nuts and climbs in trees. What is it?”

No response. The pastor gets a bit frustrated as the kids look puzzled.

“This creature has a big bushy tail.” No response.

Finally he says, “Doesn’t anyone know what it is?”

A little boy of seven holds his hand up hesitantly. “Yes, Johnny.”

“Well, I know the answer is Jesus,” he says, “but it sure sounds like a squirrel to me.”

In Sunday School the answer is always, “Jesus,” isn’t it? For fear of seeming to mouth a plastic cliché, in life the answer really is Jesus.

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