Meet the Dominator god: Me-Me-Me

godA gaggle of ten-year olds followed the harried teacher through the museum. Her hair had started the day perfectly but since then she had been tempted to tear it out, as unruly kids laughed, insulted each other and generally ignored all the strange artifacts of past civilizations that surrounded them.

The teacher prayed that none of her charges would break something that was 3000 years old.

Finally, they came to a display that captured everyone’s attention, at least for a minute, because of its strangeness.

“Now children,” the lady said, “we can learn a lot about people when we look at their gods. Here we have a typical civilization.” The noise subsided even more as they looked at the odd representations before them.

A small black curtain behind the figures made them stand out even more in the light shining on the display.

“This particular nation had four gods. Or really five as we will see. Continue reading