What Do You Spend Your Liberty For?



I love to tease my friends who are planning to get married. “Hey buddy, ya know, she gets a ring for her finger, you get one for your nose so she can lead you around. Marriage is a great institution but who wants to live in an institution?”

I say it teasingly but there’s some truth: when you get married you trade large amounts of your liberty.

The second day of my honeymoon, we were driving down the road near a blue lake and suddenly I had a thought that nearly smothered me. “It’s done. No more dating other girls. No more making “Lone Ranger” decisions without considering her. You’re married.” (If my wife is reading this, just know that the feeling passed in a few seconds and I’ve been happy about it ever since.)

I had spent a large amount of liberty but I thought the purchase was worth it.

You can stay single and keep your liberty in your pocket if you want, but you don’t get the girl. And a good one of those is worth more than gold. It gets awfully cold by yourself those long winter nights. Continue reading