Four Plus One Can Be Much More Than Five

Be What You Are-Not What Others Try to Make You

Jesse, when you tell him he's five

Jesse, when you tell him he’s five

My grandson Jesse just had his 4+1 birthday.

I know this sounds strange but Jesse refused to be five. He’s got his reasons, I guess, but neither bribery nor people reminding him of reality was able to change him.

“Jesse you’ll have a party if you’re five!” “I’m four.”

“You’ll get gifts.” “No.”

“You can go to Chucky Cheese’s to celebrate if you’re five.” “No.”

Finally he relented when he found that he could be 4 + 1 and still get all the goodies, so Jesse recently celebrated his 4 +1 birthday.

Jesse, you tell him he's 4+1

Jesse, you tell him he’s 4+1

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