Are You a Complete Mess Or Just a Partial One?

I’ve noticed something: most of us are … well, you know … a mess. At least part of the time. (Note: for my non-US readers, “mess” used like this means: “someone who is very unhappy, confused, etc., someone who is showing a lot of emotion especially by crying, a very dirty or untidy state or condition”—Merriam Webster online dictionary.

It’s basically someone who feels like he’s losing it (according to David Porter).
Oh, we have our good days and we think we’ve arrived, then something happens and there we go again—a mess. We should respond with faith and a positive attitude but for a while it’s a battle. Anger, frustration, fear, temptation and doubt. Why? Why!

If I were God, I think I would zap me sometimes. He must get a little tired of it. Oh, I can pretty well hold it together on the outside and keep doing what I’m supposed to do, but inside, that’s another story! And I fight and fight and fight to get my inside lined up with what I believe God wants me to be.
And I usually make it… until the next time.

There are three things that I’ve noticed about people (like me) who are sometimes a mess.

    1. I’m pretty sure God loves me when I’ve got it together but I’ve discovered that God loves me even when I’m messy. Listen to this “SMS” that an angry, scared prophet sent to the Lord from a place where he had a hard time getting cell-phone coverage, (he was in the belly of a gigantic fish): “In trouble, deep trouble, I prayed to God. He answered me. From the belly of the grave I cried, ‘Help!’  You heard my cry. (Jonah 2:2, The Message)

     2. God uses me even when I feel like a mess inside. This same prophet was burped out onto the land. He ran to Nineveh where he preached fire-breathed messages, which resulted in a historic spiritual awakening. And honestly, he was still a mess inside, still mad, especially after God sent revival.

    3. I should never use, “Everyone is human,” as an excuse to keep from changing. “Mess-dom” is not God’s goal for those He loves. God deals with us and changes us if we let Him: “But God said to Jonah, “Do you have a right to be angry …?” (Jonah 4:9, NIV 1984). God proceeded to show his sour-puss servant how unfounded his anger was. The prophet glimpsed his own selfishness. God loves us when we’re not “up to snuff.” He forgives us and uses us. But, he loves us too much to let us enjoy our misery and He’s constantly working by His Spirit, His Word, and His people to change us into what He saved us to be.

Do you feel like a mess today?

Don’t give up. God loves you and He’s patient with you.

Don’t wait until you’ve completely got it together to serve and obey Him. Do it, even though you hurt inside. Act right even when you don’t feel right. It’s amazing how often when we act the way we’re supposed to that our feelings jump on the bandwagon.

Actively work with the Lord to become what He’s created you to be. Don’t accept a constant state of “mess.” With the weapons of the Spirit battle out of it into what you are in Christ.

Hmmm …
Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with. And the collisions and the dreams lead to your changes. And the changes are what you become. Seth Godin



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