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“Secrets of Constant Thankfulness”

uganda-eastafrica-africa-2319951-lThe three children stood before their mom, like recruits in front of the drill sergeant. The fifteen-year old daughter towered over her ten year old sister and five year old brother.

“When I get back home this evening I want to see all your rooms cleaned and chores done,” she said sternly.

“Yes, mama.”

“Now, I’m not saying when you have to do it,” she continued. “When you feel led, you get up from your video games or from watching television and go clean your room.”

“Yes, mama.”

The five-year old held up his hand uncertainly, “What does ‘feeling led,’ mean mama?”

“When you get that feeling that you think comes from God and you have a deep desire to go wash the dishes and clean your room, well,  you’re being ‘led.’” Continue reading

Shipwrecked Hearts, Empty of Thanks


Not too long ago we were in the south of France to preach in different churches. We decided to make a trip to nearby Monaco to show our visiting grandson the incredible oceanographic museum.

I was impressed with the museum and the beauty of the little principality. You know what blew me away, though? Cars actually stopped for people in crosswalks! Incredible!

In the Paris area you enter crosswalks with fear and trembling. Mama told you, “Look both ways before you cross!” In Paris you do that two or three times, then you hurry across praying and interceding for mercy (that may be just a tad exaggerated). Continue reading

An Attitude Check: Four Ways To Conquer a Lousy Attitude

The other day I got bopped. I wasn’t expecting it.

Something that was supposed to happen didn’t, and I felt it left me in a pretty exposed position. I was upset.

Instead of picking myself up, looking toward the Lord and expressing my faith in Him, I looked for someone to blame. Since the Lord was the biggest target around, He caught the brunt of my feelings.

“Here I am serving You, making sacrifices for You and I haven’t griped about a less than perfect situation. Now this?”
Continue reading