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  1. Hi,
    Carole and I used to go to your “groupe de maison” in Ivry and we always enjoyed the fellowship and your inspiring teachings about the Word of God.
    I receive your newsletter in english to my mail adress.
    I’d like to share it with Carole but she doen’t speak english. I think you used to mail in Franch also. If It’s stoll the case, would you care to send it to my mail box in french, please ?
    In 2017 we wish that the Lord blesses you and your family.
    From Paris with love,
    Pierre & Carole

  2. Hi brother, actually I got this information from internet. I recently heard the President and vice-president of the Assemblies of God group in Cuba speak, though. They were enthusiastic and spoke of how the church had grown in the middle of all their persecutions. Fairly recently one church was reproached by the government because they had so many people coming on Sunday morning it was taxing the public transportation system.
    Thanks for writing,

  3. hi i am a pastor in South Africa want to know more about what God is doing in Cuba and i want to parter with u guys

  4. I really enjoyed your sermon last Sunday at New Life Assembly of God church in Austin, Tx.

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